The Pageant


The Crown of Miss America Nation

Welcome to the Miss America Nation Pageant. This is the 1st annual event currently being planned and will be held in Chicago, Illinois NOVEMBER 8-10, 2018. During pageant weekend, you will attend Orientation, special outings, and rehearsals.

The Miss America Nation pageant system is created to empower and build the lives of the less privileged. This pageant system is a Local, National & international pageant system designed to inspire, build and acknowledge every individual regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. It’s a movement of inspiring and empowering young women with a great purpose. Everyone have a purpose on earth and with this pageant system we are devoted in keeping individuals focused on their dreams.

Each Contestant will be assigned an official Miss America Nation crown & sash to represent her local community,state or country.We are currently accepting applications “AT-LARGE” delegates for our upcoming Miss/Mrs America Nation 2018 National Pageant. No previous pageant or modelling experience is necessary. Miss America Nation contestant must be at least Age 17-56; either single, married, or widowed
Our program is designed to empower and inspire you to be a true leader with values and integrity. As a contestant, you will be judged in FIVE different categories:Personal Interview,Humanitarian/platform service,Swimsuit, Fitness and Evening gown pose. We are not a talent base pageant system.


Beauty with inspiration

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Miss America Nation contestant must be at least 17-56; either single,married, or widowed.
  • You must be a resident of the United States and provide proof of residency.
  • You must be in excellent physical health, good moral character and committed to humanitarian service.
  • Be able to meet the time commitment and job requirements.
  • Each Contestant will awarded an official responsibilities as set forth by the state,national & international competition(s) in which you commit too.
  • Must agree that if they win or advance to the state, national or international level of MISS/MS/MRS America Nation, they will not participate in any other pageants during the time they hold any of these titles, unless authorized by the Miss America Nation system.
  • Must comply and agree that all issues as to eligibility shall be determined by The Miss America Nation Organization, and they must agree to abide by that determination both as to themselves and other applicants.


Rules & Regulations

  • If selected as a Titleholder, I will continue to hold the title granted until my successor is elected or appointed.
  • Positive Image: I understand and agree to present a positive image of Miss America Nation at all times, before, during, and after the State or Regional Title and that there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances. Nor are funds transferable.
  • Concerns and Complaints: I understand and agree that any problem, concern or complaint should be communicated only to pageant director Krystal Okeke – CEO of Miss America Nation Pageant. Failure to comply with this paragraph may result in loss of title.
  • I understand & agree that if selected as a Contestant or Titleholder, all decisions concerning promotions, photographs, advertising, production, media, social media, Pageant. I will conduct myself at all times with great moral, elegance and a respectful manners whenever I am wearing my crown/ sash or making an appearance.
  • Former or reigning National Titleholders cannot compete for the same title again, however they can compete for another national title offered by the Ms. American Nation Pageant.
  • National Titleholder cannot compete for another National Title the same year she is crowning her successor or been crowned queen.
  • Applicant must have not been convicted with any felony, misdemeanors or any legal high profile crimes within the United states of America.
  • Applicant agrees to accept the Miss//Mrs American Nation Pageant’s decision without question or argument both as to herself and other applicants.
  • Failure to disclose this information may result in disqualification and relinquishment of her State or National Title.
  • Applicant may have not appeared nude on any kind of social media.
  • Applicant agrees that if selected as a contestant or titleholder , she must fully participant in every every activities during pageant weekend.
  • Contestant can not leave the venue of the final competition until the conclusion of the pageant event. This includes all stage appearances after the Top 15, 10 and 5 have been announced and on-stage photos of the Top 15, 10 and 5 following the conclusion of the production. Failure to comply will result in a $200 fine.
  • After applicant/contestant has paid pageant sponsorship fees in full, her official crown and sash would be order and sent to her resident in other for her to make her appearances.
  • A minimum of (3) appearances are required each month. An appearance may include, radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews. Public appearances at events such as parades,fundraising events, grand openings, fashion shows, emcee, judging a contest, 5K walks and other sporting events. motivational speaking, National Anthem singer, photo shoot with crown and sash, visiting senior citizen homes,food pantry, homeless shelters, expos ,Charity,humanitarian ,business conferences,church, educational, political or social events.
  • Failure to comply without contacting pageant director, will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Applicant understands and agrees that if selected as a Contestant and she is unable to compete in the Pageant FOR ANY REASON that she will forfeit herndorsements, testimonials, appearance, and all other aspects of the Miss America Nation Pageant as well as throughout my reign are solely at the discretion of the Miss/Mrs America Nation Pageant.
  • I understand I may withdraw from the competition at any time, however, in doing so, must return my crown and sash to the Miss America Nation Pageant Organisation. Under no circumstances and not for any reason shall I be entitled to a refund in whole or in part of any fees paid. All fees paid to the Ms. America Nation Pageant Organisation are not refundable and not transferable in full or in part under any circumstances. This includes, but not limited to entry fees, advertising fees, pageant admission tickets, guest meal fees, anyone including, but not limited to Contestants, Sponsors, Family Members and Advertisers.

Entry Check List

  1. Complete the 2018 titleholder contract application
  2. Complete Liability form
  3. Include your $300.00 USD deposit (Cashier’s Check or Cash) to reserve your title. Payment via PayPal/Friends & Family option ONLY is preferred.
  4. Send Two headshot for our website via email (
  5. Ensure that all fees,applications&photos are sent to National Office by the entry deadline of March 1st, 2018.

Sponsor Fees

Your entry fee (At Large) is $ 650.00 USD. All contestants must pay the $300.00 non-refundable processing fee before they will be considered an applicant for the competition and title reserved. The application fees is $50, Once $650.00 is received in full, each contestant’s crown and banner will be ordered.

The contestant’s entry fees pay the expenses of the organizers to rent ballroom space, venues,Crown&Sash expense, staff and judge’s expenses, office, mailing and advertising expenses, other prizes and pageant expenses. 13months of hard work go into preparing this life changing pageant for you!

All application forms, processing fees, photos and total entry fee must be paid in full and received no later than March 1st , 2018.

*ALL fee payments are totally non-refundable or transferable. NO exceptions!